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Evaluation of Medicine and Health (EVALMEDHELSE) 2023-2024

Helse Møre og Romsdal as an administrative unit

Helse Møre and Romsdal (HMR) is an active research organization. Research and innovation are intended to contribute to new knowledge about health and diseases, and enhance the quality of patient treatment.

Research strategy

The EVALMED assessment involves eight thematic research groups focusing on established fields of medical research at the hospital trust, including internal medicine, surgery, neurology, oncology, orthopaedics, paediatrics and gynaecology, psychology, and radiology. This aligns with the NIFU report, which identified six main academic fields based on publications: surgical sciences, general medicine, nursing, psychiatry, oncology, and neurology.

During the evaluation period (2012-22), two strategic documents guided the hospital trust's research efforts: "Strategy for Research in Central Norway (Helse Midt) 2016-2020" and "Strategy and Action Plan for Research, Innovation, Education, and Competence (FIUK-plan), Møre an Romsdal Hospital Trust 2018-2022." The overarching research goal is international competitiveness to strengthen clinical practice and patient treatment.

To achieve this goal, six strategic focus points were identified:

1) Research culture: Integrate research in the clinic and increase the number of researchers

2) High quality research: Increase the research competence in HMR

3) Establish research groups

4) Research collaboration: locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

5) Increased user participation in research

6) Sufficient financial resources



Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust (HMR), one of five trusts in the Central Norway Regional Health Authority, operates four hospitals in Kristiansund, Molde, Volda, and Ålesund. In May 2024, Kristiansund and Molde hospitals will merge into the new SNR hospital. HMR oversees rehabilitation institutions, specialized drug treatment facilities, psychiatric centers, and child and youth psychiatric clinics. It is also responsible for pre-hospital services, including ambulance stations, air ambulance, ambulance boat, and the Emergency Medical Communication Center (AMK).

Research activities in HMR primarily occur in clinics such as Aalesund Hospital Clinic, Prehospital Services Clinic, Diagnostics Clinic, Nordmoere and Romsdal Hospital Clinic, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Clinic, Property and Technical Services Department, Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation Clinic, and the Administrative Directors Staff. The Section for Research and Innovation (SFI) at the administrative level manages internal research funding and supports clinicians with part-time researcher positions. SFI, along with the Section for Education, operates under the Administrative Directors Staff. In 2022, HMR strengthened research communication by hiring a research communications advisor through SFI, enhancing research visibility within the hospital trust and the wider community.


Supplemental documents

The Development plan (Utviklingsplan HMR) is mainly in Norwegian, however the English sections have been highlighted in yellow.


Regional action plan for research 2023-2026.pdf

Research strategy - cancer treatment.pdf

Research strategy - Klinikk for Diagnostikk.pdf

Strategy and action plan FIUK 2018-2022.pdf

Strategy for research Helse-Midt-Norge 2016-2020.pdf

Utviklingsplan HMR 2023-2026 (3).pdf 

Forskning - Behandling av uredelighet i forskning og rapportering til Granskningsutvalget.pdf

Utbetaling til idehaver ansatt i HMR, samt til helseforetaket HMR, ved kommersialiseringsprosjekter i regi av NTNU TTO.pdf


The figure displays the current profile of all researchers employed at our hospital trust. The bulk of our researchers are medical doctors, and the fields of speciality vary greatly. Currently, we have achieved gender balance in both groups (researchers and PhD students).  


Members with a doctorate degree

Anett Skorpen Tarberg (Cristin)

Danuta Palinska (Cristin)

Guro Berge (Cristin)

Vibeke Devold Valderhaug (Cristin)

Iman Esmaili (Cristin)

Lutz Schwettman (Cristin)

Marit Kvangarsnes (Cristin,NTNU)

Tone Andersen-Hollekim (Cristin, NTNU)

Anne Strand Alfredsen Larsen (Cristin, NTNU)

Erik Solligård (Cristin, NTNU)

Stephan Karl Otto Rossner (Cristin)

Karla Tomic (Cristin)

Anne-Sofie Furberg (Cristin)

PhD candidates 

Lena Bjørge Waage (Cristin)

Turid Rimereit Aarønes (Cristin)


This list includes publications by researchers that are not part of the thematic research groups, but part of the administrative unit.

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Physicians' perceptions of patient participation and the involvement of family caregivers in the palliative care pathway.
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PMID: 35765248   


Thematic research groups

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