Evaluation of Medicine and Health (EVALMEDHELSE) 2023-2024


This group's research activity focuses on themes such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, Lyme disease, vertigo and cerebrovascular disease.

Research group's organization

This group consists of researchers employed across various clinics in Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust (HMR). Their research focuses on multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, Lyme disease, vertigo, and cerebrovascular disease. The goal is to secure funding for ongoing research in these areas, aiming to improve quality and robustness.

The group comprises six clinicians with a PhD and four PhD students. Two part-time researchers with PhDs also supervise PhD students, while another team member balances full-time clinical work with a role as a PhD supervisor.

Actively participating in national multicenter studies, particularly in multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, cerebrovascular disease, and motor neuron disease, the group is also involved in studies led by the pharmaceutical industry. They collaborate with research groups nationally, including those from Oslo University Hospital, Haukeland University Hospital, St. Olavs Hospital, and NeuroSysmed. Group leadership is held by the head of the neurology department, who holds a formal 40% position as a researcher.

While the group has some funding for smaller projects, securing funding for PhD and postdoc positions relies heavily on external sources. Funding from multicenter studies is primarily allocated to infrastructure support, including the employment of a research nurse.

Research group's strategy

The main strategy is to establish the research group. Thereafter we will describe further goals including plans for recruitment of researchers, research projects and funding. It is also important to develop further research networks with universities and university colleges, especially the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Molde University College, and research groups in other health trusts. Since there already are such contacts the work will focus on further development of already established contacts.

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Project 1: "Cognitive Impairment of Minor Stroke. An Observational Study of the Prevalence of Cognitive Impairment and Emotional Symptoms and Consequences for Social Function", (2013-2020), NTNU. Cognitive and emotional consequences of a minor stroke. PhD thesis  

Project 2: "Parkinson's Disease. From Basic Mechanisms to Illness Progression", (2018-2022), NTNU. The overall aim of this PhD project was to increase knowledge on and deepen understanding of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in Parkinson’s that are needed in clinical trials and patient care. The thesis demonstrates the importance of quality assurance of ICD codes entered into health registers before biological material obtained from these populations can be used to search for new biomarkers for Parkinson's disease. 

Project 3: "Multiple Sclerosis in Western Norway, Epidemiological Studies of Prevalence, Incidence, Mortality and Age at Disease Onset", NTNU. This study uses 60 years of population-based data on multiple sclerosis MS in Møre og Romsdal county to describe trends in incidence and prevalence of the disease, and to examine prognostic factors for disability and premature death.  

Project 4: "Chronic Lyme Disease - an Approach to Gain a Better Understanding of the Phenomenon", NTNU. The PhD project covers two work packages: In work package 1 we will assess the prevalence of chronic Lyme disease in Norway, record clinical characteristics and assess laboratory signs of previous or ongoing infection with Borrelia burgdorferi or other tick-borne microbes in patients with this diagnosis. Work package two is a randomized penta-blinded placebo controlled clinical trial concerning antibiotic treatment of Lyme neuroborreliosis.  Project #602026 - Kronisk Lyme borreliose: En tilnærming mot bedre forståelse av fenomenet. - Cristin 

Project 5: "Challenges in the Follow-Up of Patients with Stroke in General Practice", NTNU. This dissertation consists of two studies with a total of three papers that explore adherence to the guideline in general practice and some of the conditions for adherence to the guideline in general practice. Data were obtained from general practitioners’ (GPs’) offices and from hospitals. The analysis showed that considerable effort was necessary in order to adhere to the overall recommendations in the different guidelines. For a patient with an average number of chronic conditions, 10 to 11 consultations annually were required to check the conditions in the stable phase. More consultations would be necessary in the event of deviating findings, exacerbation of one or more diseases or in the case of intercurrent illness during the period. The discharge summaries from hospitals did not invite to collaboration on patients after discharge and had an untapped potential in knowledge transfer from specialist to primary health care. PhD thesis at: NTNU Open: Challenges in the follow-up of patients with stroke in general practice

Project 6: "Impact of Inflammation on Cognitive Functioning and Brain Pathology in Stroke Survivors"l NTNU. The aim of this study is to investigate possible associations between the properties of the acute and the chronic low-grade inflammatory responses and changes in cognitive function and neuroimaging after stroke, and to explore if the intensity and duration of the inflammatory response is predictive of post-stroke cognitive impairment and progression of neurodegeneration and small vessel disease. Project #549712 - Nor-COAST, Kognitiv svikt etter hjerneslag - Cristin 


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Members with a doctorate degree

Åse Hagen Morsund (Cristin)

Guttorm Eldøen (Cristin)

Magnus Reiestad Tallaksen (Cristin)

Eldbjørg Hustad (Cristin)

Rune Aakvik Pedersen (Cristin)

Sverre Myren Svelstad (Cristin)

PhD candidates

Johannes Willumsen (Cristin)

Audun Olav Dahlberg (Cristin)

Heidi Vihovde Sandvig (Cristin, NTNU)

New PhD candidates in 2023

Vera Solianik (Cristin)

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