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This group conducts research within cancer treatment and rehabilitation.

Research group's organization

The Oncology Research Group (ORG) has been collaboratively involved in various research projects since around 2015. However, it was formally established in 2022 after successfully applying for research funding from the Norwegian Cancer Society. Led by the Head of Research at The Clinic for Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation (KKR), the group consists of two researchers, three research nurses, a PhD student, and a statistician. Additionally, there is collaboration with an Associate Professor and two PhD students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Health Sciences Ålesund (IHA).

The group also includes two 40% and one 20% research coordinators, with one coordinator based in Kristiansund, while the rest of the members are in Ålesund. All members are employed at the Clinic for Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation, except for the statistician. The group primarily relies on project-based funding.

With a focus on clinical research activities, strengthening research networks, increasing research knowledge, and recruiting PhD students, the ORG has developed a research strategy to guide its endeavors.

Research group's strategy

The Clinic for Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation (KKR) has developed a Research Strategy (2021-2025) aligned with Helse Møre og Romsdal's overarching research strategy. KKR aims to seamlessly integrate research into clinical activities to improve patient care and enhance knowledge dissemination. The strategy focuses on careful project selection, innovation, increasing research competence, improving infrastructure, and fostering collaboration with internal and external partners.

The main objectives include making research a routine part of clinical practice, improving dissemination, increasing efficiency, and strengthening collaboration, with an emphasis on applying for internal and external research funding.


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Project 1: "MATRIX", Oslo University Hospital. To extend the lives and improve the quality of life of patients with hard-to-treat cancers WP’s: 1. Next-generation cancer diagnostics and biomarkers. WP 2: Tumour directed treatment. WP 3: Patient-centred care WP 4: Clinical trial engine WP5: Health care organization and implementation. Norwegian Centre for Clinical Cancer Research - Matrix (matrix-fkb.no)

Project 2: "ICBP Survmark 2", International Agency for Cancer on Research (IARC). Objective: to benchmark cancer survival between high-income countries worldwide. Home — ICBP SURVMARK-2 (iarc.fr) 

Project 3: PhD project Hege Elvebakken/"High-Grade Digestive Neuroendocrine Neoplasms. Impact of Genetic Alterations and Morphological Characteristics on Outcome of First-Line Palliative Chemotherapy" (2018-2023), University of Bergen, NTNU and Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust. The aim of this doctorate was to increase knowledge about NET G3 and NEC with the hope of finding factors that can contribute to more effective cancer treatment and thereby increase survival for these patients. Result #2218263 - High-grade digestive neuroendocrine neoplasms. Impact of genetic alterations and morphologicalcharacteristics on outcome of first-line palliative chemotherapy - Cristin 

Project 4: PhD project Bjørg Yksnøy Aksnessæther/ "Other Primary Cancers Among Norwegian Prostate Cancer Patients, Incidence and Risk factors" (2016-2021), Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust, NTNU. 

This thesis is based on three studies that have investigated secondary cancer after prostate cancer treatment, with a particular focus on secondary cancer after radiotherapy. 
Dissertation only available in Norwegian. The academic articles forming the basis of the dissertation are available in English: 

Aksnessæther, Bjørg Y., et al. "Second cancers in radically treated Norwegian prostate cancer patients." Acta Oncologica 58.6 (2019): 838-844. https://doi.org/10.1080/0284186X.2019.1581377  


Aksnessæther, Bjørg Y., et al. "Second cancers in patients with locally advanced prostate cancer randomized to lifelong endocrine treatment with or without radical radiation therapy: long-term follow-up of the scandinavian prostate cancer group-7 trial." International Journal of Radiation Oncology* Biology* Physics 106.4 (2020): 706-714. 



Tøndel, Hanne, et al. "Radiotherapy for prostate cancer–Does daily image guidance with tighter margins improve patient reported outcomes compared to weekly orthogonal verified irradiation? Results from a randomized controlled trial." Radiotherapy and Oncology 126.2 (2018): 229-235. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.radonc.2017.10.029  


Aksnessæther, Bjørg Y., et al. "Does prophylactic radiation therapy to avoid gynecomastia in patients with prostate cancer increase the risk of breast cancer?." International Journal of Radiation Oncology* Biology* Physics 101.1 (2018): 211-216. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijrobp.2018.01.096  


Tøndel, Hanne, et al. "Dose to penile bulb is not associated with erectile dysfunction 18 months post radiotherapy: A secondary analysis of a randomized trial." Clinical and translational radiation oncology 13 (2018): 50-56. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ctro.2018.09.006  

Project 5: Bardo Driller PhD project/ "Improved End-of-Life Care - Planning and Collaboration Between Oncology-, Community-, and Palliative care" (2018-2024), Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust, NTNU. The project researches systematically providing planning conversations and a palliative plan in primary health care for palliative cancer patients in HMR. The aim is to find out whether this increases the time the patients and their next of kin can spend at home, and how they perceive their time at home, if this reduces their symptomatic burden, increases their quality of life, with a focus on their last 3 months of living.  

Driller, Bardo, et al. "Cancer patients spend more time at home and more often die at home with advance care planning conversations in primary health care: a retrospective observational cohort study." BMC Palliative Care 21.1 (2022): 61. 


Kolstrøm, Adriana, Bardo Driller, and Elin Margrethe Aasen. "From difficulty to meaning–Experiences of patients with advanced cancer having advance care planning conversations and a palliative care plan." European Journal of Oncology Nursing 67 (2023): 102456. 


Several more articles have been produced under this project, but these are only available in Norwegian.  


Project 6: Marit Husby PhD project/ "Cancer Risk and Prognosis in Sepsis Survivors – Population-Based Studies in Norway"(2022-2026), Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust, NTNU and Molde University College.

The main aim of the project is to gain new knowledge about the role of sepsis in cancer risk and prognosis to improve prevention of cancer related morbidity, disability, and mortality.  

  1. Explorative analysis using data from national health registers  

Research question RQ1: Do overall cancer incidence and mortality differ among sepsis survivors compared to population controls?  

Research question RQ2: Do the incidence and mortality of specific types of cancer differ among sepsis survivors compared to population controls?  

  1. Prospective analysis using population-based cohorts linked with national health registers (research hypotheses will be guided by results in RQ1-2) 

There are no publications available from this project yet.  

Project 7: "Prostate CAG - Standardizing Prostate Cancer Care: An Integrated Network for Patient Management and Research", St. Olavs Hospital Trust, NTNU.

The project aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer by focusing on solutions that provide a better selection of patients entering a patient pathway for prostate cancer, and to improve the treatment selection so that patients who need treatment receive it at the right time. The project encompasses three work packages covering diagnostics, treatment and randomized clinical trials. It includes the development of a prospective regional register of prostate biopsy-related infections, risk calculators and decision support tools for diagnostics based on artificial intelligence (AI) and the development of biomarkers. Etablerte CAG i Midt-Norge - Helse Midt-Norge RHF (helse-midt.no) (only available in norwegian) 

Project 8: "IMPRESS-NORWAY", Oslo University Hospital.IMPRESS-Norway is a large national clinical study in which patients with advanced cancer can be assessed for treatment with targeted treatment without indication. All patients can be referred to the study and have an extended molecular screening performed with analysis of at least 500 genes. If we identify a genetic change or a characteristic that may indicate that the patient will be able to benefit from a drug in the study, the patient can be included in a treatment cohort.  Project #2507392 - IMPRESS-Norway - Cristin 


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Members with a doctorate degree

Jo-Åsmund Lund (Cristin, NTNU)

Bjørg Aksnessæther (Cristin)

Øivind Kvammen (Cristin)

Hege Elvebakken (Cristin)

Eli Sihn Samdal Steinskog (Cristin)

Tor Åge Myklebust (Cristin)

PhD candidates

Bardo Driller (Cristin)

Anne Fasting (Cristin)

Marit Husby (Cristin)

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