Evaluation of Medicine and Health (EVALMEDHELSE) 2023-2024


The thematic theme «Surgery» consists of different researchers in the fields of General and Gastrointestinal surgery, Anaesthesia, Otorhinolaryngology, and Orthodontics.

Research group's organization

The evaluated group is not a consolidated research entity but comprises individual researchers from Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Otorhinolaryngology, and Orthodontics across three of the four hospitals in Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust (HMR). While some collaborate on specific research projects, most have external networks nationally and internationally.

The majority of researchers in this group balance clinical work and research, serving as supervisors for colleagues and contributing to quality improvement projects in clinical settings. The group includes ten medical physicians, five of whom are senior consultants with PhD degrees, three are senior consultants and PhD students, two are residents and PhD students, and one senior consultant without formal research education. Additionally, a clinical dietitian is currently a PhD student, and two senior consultants also hold part-time positions as Associate Professors.

Notably, at least three senior consultants possess PhD degrees but haven't been active as researchers for the past 10 years.

Research group's strategy

The primary objective of the research group is to conduct clinical research of high scientific quality. The aim is not only to enhance the quality of medical treatment within HMR but also to contribute to improvements on a national and international scale. The synergy between clinical work and research serves as an inspiration for generating research ideas from patients and colleagues. Additionally, it provides an avenue to integrate research findings back into clinical practice, creating a beneficial loop of innovation and improvement.


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Objectives: Very old critical ill patients are a rapid expanding group in the ICU. Indications for admission, triage criteria and level of care are frequently discussed for such patients. However, most relevant outcome studies in this group frequently find an increased mortality and a reduced quality of life in survivors. The main objective was to study the impact of frailty compared with other variables with regards to short-term outcome in the very old ICU population.  
Conclusions: Among very old patients (≥ 80 years) admitted to the ICU, the consecutive classes in Clinical Frailty Scale were inversely associated with short-term survival. The scale had a very low number of missing data. These findings provide support to add frailty to the clinical assessment in this patient group. https://vipstudy.org 

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Paper 1: «Measured and self-reported olfactory function in voluntary Norwegian adults».  I. T. Heian – A.S. Helvik – T. Hummel – M. R. Øie – S. Nordgård – M. Bratt – W. M. Thorstensen. Published in European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, February 2022. 
Measured and self-reported olfactory function in voluntary Norwegian adults (springer.com)
Paper 2:  “Olfactory training in normosmic individuals: a randomised controlled trial”.  I.T. Heian - W.M. Thorstensen - T.A. Myklebust - T. Hummel - S. Nordgård - M. Bratt - A.S. Helvik - A.S. Helvik. Accepted for Rhinology Journal, September 2023. Olfactory training in normosmic individuals: a randomised controlled trial - PubMed (nih.gov).
Paper 3: “MRI and fMRI before and after olfactory training in adults with normal olfactory function”. 

Project 4: "BAROBS - Bariatric Surgery Observation Study in Central Norway", St. Olavs University Hosptial, Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust, Nord-Trøndelag Hospital Trust, Jorunn Sandvik.

Bariatric surgery has been offered as a treatment for severe obesity at public hospitals in Norway since 2003. The aim of the Bariatric Surgery Observation Study (BAROBS) is to explore known and unknown effects of bariatric surgery after a decade when it comes to improvement in health, and surgery related new morbidity,  

Nearly 60% of 930 patients who underwent bariatric surgery in public hospitals in Central Norway 2003-2009 participated in BAROBS1 in 2018-2020, resulting in a data used by several researchers and students. A second wave of data collection – BAROBS2 - takes place in 2023-2025, inviting 1400 patients.   

By the end of 2022, seven papers from BAROBS have been published, and results from BAROBS have been presented at national and international medical congresses. Publication of results from BAROBS is expected to continue for 5-10 years and there is a broad collaboration with researchers from many medical fields.  

1 PhD and 1 post-doc was funded by 2022 and 11 master-thesis finalized. The plan for the second wave of the project is 2 PhD-projects. Results from BAROBS have been used in revision of the Nordic guidelines for follow-up after bariatric surgery.   

BAROBS, langtidsoppfølging etter fedmekirurgi - St. Olavs hospital HF (stolav.no)  

BAROBS 2 - Langtidsoppfølging etter fedmekirurgi - St. Olavs hospital HF (stolav.no) 

Project 5: "When Professional Knowledge Meets Lived Life: Patient Education After Bariatric Surgery", Volda University College, Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust, Kirsti Kverndokk Bjerkan. 

This is a part of the Bariatric surgery observation study (BAROBS) with focus on patient education, health literacy, and change in lifestyle to improve health after bariatric surgery. 

Paper 1 aims to explore the long-term outcome of participation in group-based educational programs lasting 2 to 3 years postoperatively. We explore data on weight, self-rated health, adherence to recommended vitamin supplements, and physical activity 10-15 years after RYGB. 

 Paper 2 aims to explore whether patients followed the recommendations on life-long supplementation of vitamins and minerals more than a decade after RYGB surgery and whether patients adhering to supplements had fewer deficiencies compared to patients not following the recommendations. 

 Paper 3 aims to explore a potential relationship between abdominal pain and glucose fluctuations gastric bypass, and whether continuous glucose monitoring with dietary intervention had an educational role to reduce symptoms. 

Project 6: Jorunn Sandvik PhD "Long-Term Results After Surgical Treatment for Severe Obesity" (2017-2020), NTNU. 

Severe obesity reduces individual health, as well as length and quality of life. The aims of this project was to study the long-term consequences of gastric bypass surgery, first in terms of the frequency of abdominal pain in need for medical imaging and surgical treatment, second to explore whether self-rated health changed from baseline to five years after surgery, and whether this measurement, widely used in public health research, may be applicable as a sum-score for long-term health-change after obesity surgery. The third aim was to explore the change in iron stores, the frequency of anaemia after gastric bypass, and the need for intravenous iron treatment.  A local quality registry on 795 patients who underwent obesity surgery at Aalesund hospital from 2004 to 2015 with prospectively data was supplemented with clinical information from the patient records until five years or more after surgery. 

Project 7: "Auditory Processing Disorder in Children: A Study of Underlying Neurophysiological Mechanisms, and the Standardization of a Behavioural Test Battery", (2013-2019), HMR, Tone Stokkereit Mattson.

This project included three papers focusing on the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms and diagnostics of auditory processing in children. The aim of paper 1 was to standardise the Norwegian AP test battery for children aged 7-12 years. Normative data were obtained from 268 children with normal hearing, the test-retest reliability was examined and a final AP test battery was presented. 

For papers 2 and 3 the study population included 46 children aged 8-14 years with normal peripheral hearing, The aim of paper 2 was to investigate the suppression of otoacoustic emissions in children with listening difficulties. The third paper aimed at investigating neurobiological aspects of early and late auditory processing and their relationships with AP performance and cognitive function.  

The need for a multidisciplinary approach was recognized, with the evaluation of electrophysiological measures, cognition and AP abilities, not merely the results of AP tests, in order to address the specific needs of the patient. 

Project 8: "Patient Safety in Helicopter Emergency Services", The Centre for Resilience in Healthcare (SHARE), University of Stavanger, Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, HMR. Patient safety in Helicopter Emergency Services. Exploring influential factors using a mixed-methods approach. (PhD project.) 

Project 9: "Infantile External Hydrocephalus. Epidemiological, Radiological, Clinical, Cognitive, and Social Aspects", Sverre Morten Zahl.The aim of the project was to gain thorough epidemiological data about external hydrocephalus in infants. To explore the long-term consequences of external hydrocephalus, both with and without treatment. To examine the pathophysiology of external hydrocephalus and chronic SDH/SDHy, and their relation to and importance in the investigation of infants with suspected abusive head trauma (AHT). 

The project consists of 6 papers and thesis defended for a Dr. Philos degree at University of Bergen in 2022 

Bergen Open Research Archive: Infantile external hydrocephalus : Epidemiological, radiological, clinical, cognitive, and social aspects (uib.no) 

Project 10: "Understanding the Present to Better Build the Future: A Nationwide Evaluation of the Surgical Environment, its Workforce, Operative Output, Geospatial Accessibility, and Associated Economic Value in Liberia", (2018-2023), NTNU, Håvard Askinm Vedde, PhD. 
Five billion people worldwide lack access to safe, timely and affordable surgical and anesthesia care. Globally, West-African countries have the highest unmet need for surgery. Liberia is a small West-African country with a brutal history of civil war and the Ebola virus outbreak that left the healthcare system in crisis. The aim of this project has been to evaluate the surgical system in Liberia to inform health policy prioritization. A nationwide assessment of surgical facilities was conducted in Liberia in 2018. Data were collected through on-site facility visits using a hospital assessment tool, a human resources survey form and through review of operation theatre logbooks. A total of 51 out of 52 surgical facilities were included in the study. The survey revealed critically low surgical volumes, lacking infrastructure and equipment, scarcity of surgical providers and low population access to essential surgical care. Furthermore, the high unmet need for surgery is associated with productivity losses of between 11% and 46% of the annual GDP for Liberia. There is an urgent need to strengthen surgical services in Liberia and the data collected in this project can support prioritization of surgical care within the national healthcare strategy.   





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